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My stories on Kindle Vella are published in serialized format, with a new episode releasing each week. The first three episodes are always free. Once each story is finished, it will be re-formatted and published in eBook and paperback for those who wish to purchase the complete novel.

Like Real People Do

A mistaken identity office romance

Jessie’s not looking for love, just a good time. Something casual. She knows Hawke’s not who he’s pretending to be, but neither is she. What starts off as a sinful game of cat and mouse slowly devolves into a battle of hearts, and someone’s bound to get hurt. Especially once Jessie finds out who Hawke really is. But when the truth is aired and Hawke says those three little words, will it be enough to make Jessie take a chance on love, or will she run?

**Updates Every Tuesday**

Bittersweet Moonlight

A shifter love-triange PNR

Their bond was supposed to be forever. But when Lilly’s mate Theo dies in battle with another pack, her world comes crashing down around her. True to his word, Theo’s best friend Denver is there to pick up the pieces as she spirals into depression. But what happens when two grieving friends become something more?

**Updates Every Friday**

The Finder

A PNR murder mystery

When Sydney accepts the job offer at Kreyol Pale Private Investigators, Inc, she isn’t expecting Rio, the unflappable ex-con who doesn’t bat an eye when he witnesses her extrordinary psychic abilities. Together, they’re tasked with tracking down a serial killer terrorizing the Big Easy. Syd’s powers are called into play, and she and Rio fall down a rabbit hole of paranormal intrigue, capturing each other’s hearts along the way…and saving each other’s soul.

**Coming September 2023**

Project Veles

A dragon shifter urban fantasy romance

As a powerful dragon shifter, Ryker has always been in control – until he’s captured by a top-secret government agency. But when his nurse tends to his wounds and shows him a gentler side of humanity, their connection ignites a fiery passion neither of them can deny. As their forbidden love grows and they navigate the dangerous world of government secrets and supernatural beings, they must decide if their love is worth risking everything for.

**Coming October 2023**


An enemies-to-lovers romantic thriller

Special Agent Colton Finch isn’t happy about being paired with a snarky, untested hacker on a stealth mission to infiltrate notorious Atlas industries. Ryen is unprofessional even on her best days–but the fact that she stubbornly refuses to take his crap leaves Colt strangely attracted to her. But when the mission spirals out of control and they’re both captured, he finds out just how much heart his hacker has, and how far he’s willing to go to protect her.

**Coming January 2024**


A battle-couple vampire PNR

In a world where immortals roam and danger lurks in the shadows, Dominik must confront his past when he reunites with the Valkyrie he once captured centuries ago. Together they embark on a journey to take down the vampire who enslaved her and threatens their world. As they fight for their freedom and their hearts, they discover that love knows no bounds, even for two beings from different worlds and times. But will their love be enough to defeat the darkness that threatens to consume them both?

**Coming March 2024**

The Matchbreaker

A rivals-to-lovers office romance

When CEO and professional relationship wrecker, Molly Price, meets tech genius and dating app owner, Jake Harrison, she never imagined she’d fall in love with him. But when her latest assignment is to break up Jake’s relationship, it becomes harder to keep to the script, especially when he suggests they work together. Sparks fly, and Molly realizes that maybe love isn’t something to be destroyed, but something to be cherished. The only question is, will Molly choose love, or her career?

**Coming October 2024**

Summer’s End

A high fantasy romance

As Principale for the Unseelie Court, Jayme was rarely swayed from his duties, until one day, he happens upon a fallen log crushing a pretty flower. Feeling pity for the poor plant, he moved the log, unknowingly freeing a powerful Dryad trapped within. Grateful for his help, Trilla pledges her undying loyalty to Jayme, despite his protests. But as their bond grows stronger, they must navigate the dangers of their vastly different worlds and the curse that threatens to tear them apart.

**Coming November 2024**

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